How to tackle in FIFA 16?

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004Attack in FIFA 16 is very different from the previous versions of the game. Attacking and shooting are very different in many ways in FIFA16. Against a good player you can only get one or two openings, it is important that you know the best ways to react in a different situation, to put aside all these important objectives. Some methods are more effective than others and you will usually find you adopt a certain style of play.

Training and tactics, style of play and all players influencing the attack. First touch is difficult to control in FIFA 16, but great once you’re used to. Works great for stopping the ball usually passes. As above this only works well with high rated players or control high ball, press LT or L2 to trap the ball and the most skilled players will cushion the ball with different parts of the foot or even the chest. 005You can also try using the LB or L1 to trap the ball as is the stop button and facing the camera. As the ball comes to push the left stick in the direction you want to move or run off. Your player will turn his body and drive the ball in the sense of first contact. If your opposition plays very high pressure, you will react differently to get the ball field and create space with his players constantly, supporting you and reducing your time on the ball.
The key to winning against a variety of opponents is fifa 16 coin generator – building a broader set of skills, methods of attack and a better understanding of the game. This is usually determined by how they play and the opportunities they present to you. If you went in every game with same skills and tactics, after the first time it would become predictable.003 There are many ways you can work the ball towards the goal and to create the space, lots of options and play your style in every game will be shaped by your opponents play. This is why you have to adapt to each game while using a basic set of skills to think out and dominate your opponent. You can now use slow dribble just hold LB or L1 to rotate in small angles. However, if they start trying to move up and press on one side to make sure that you turn to the opposite side to avoid a tackle. . If they are directly behind you, you should be able to turn easily in both directions without actually paraphernalia. In this case, try to rotate slightly one way and then go in the opposite direction to confuse opponent.

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The essentional Clash of Clans Guide

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If you are relatively new player in clash of Clans here is basic tutorial which aimes to give you some practical tips and tricks that can help you at the beggining of Clash of Clans adventure. This game is very addictive, so be prepared!

Clash-of-Clans1When you start your game, at the beggining you will start a clash of clans cheats and tutorial. Itis basic tutorial, but there is one interesting thing about it. You will be given an option to use Gems for upgrading your structures, but follow our advice and save Gems for later use! Why it is important? Well, Clash of Clans is basically managament simulation, ok, it is strategy, but the main focus in the entire game is on resourcess. Resourcess are predominant factor in the game, so you will spend alot of tiime trying to figure out how to have enough sum of resourcess for necessary upgrades and production.This is growing exponentionaly with later levels on the game, to such degree that you will need days to finish simple upgrade of Town Hall.


That is place where Gems are so much needed! So, use every option you have in the game to earn and save Gems, on later levels in the game they will be valuable items. There is basically no need for upgrading with Gems, but if you want to speed a game little bit, then you will find that Gems very usefull. You can also collect them on varous ways in the game. One of the most direct ways of doing so is clearing your village or base from obstacless. You will receive some random sum of Gems for doing so, and sometimes you will receive speccial Gem Box, speccial Box that will give you 25 Gems. If it is a little bit slow way of getting Gems, you may try to get few achievements, they will also give you certan sum of gems upon completation. Oneof the best achievementsthat you should look for to finish s Sweet victory achievement. Third way, and probably the most interesting is farming or raiding.


Farming is process of attacking other players in order to earn/loot resourcess for your troops. There are many tutorials available online, but wi recomend you to very carefully calculate cost/loot ratio before you enter in the battle. that is the most important point in the process of creating succesfull raiding army. The best is to select cheap units like a group og Archers or Barbarians, simply because they are cheap and fast in the production, so you will not lose too much resourcess on their production.

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Clash of Clans Air Defense Guide

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Air defense tower is the only tower in Clash of Clans that targets only air units. Despite his inability to hit ground units, air defense tower is one of the most important defensive structures in Clash of Clans. It has by far the most damage per second of any round (except a Inferno tower) and a very long range. Air defense is critical français clash of clans triche 2016 to protect the player against high threat, high air units health as Dragon and Healer.

Air defense is the only low-level turn Clash of Clans that inflicts significant damage, even at level 1. Although this damage significantly rises with updates, even a level 1 air defense tower can handle major damage. Placement of air defense tower is essential to good defense in Clash of Clans. If air defense towers are placed carelessly, they can easily be picked up, leaving the vulnerable basis for a number of attacks. Air defense tower is particularly important in protecting the base defense against healers and Dragons; without air defense towers, the player has no way to stop one of these units.

The only weakness of air defense tower is that it can not attack land units. Sometimes players using air based armies trying to take advantage of the air defense tower using Dragons or Minions. A few Dragons are sometimes used in an attempt to “tank” the damage done by air defense tower while attacks players with balls or ground army supported by healers. Keep the air defense tower fully upgraded Dragons will prevent damage tanking for very long. Minions are sometimes used to target air defense towers, for air defense towers can hit a target at a time. A swarm of Minions can easily dominate an air defense tower. An air defense tower can be protected against swarms Minion keeping air defense towards the center of the base, keeping the range of a Archer Tower, or by placing a bomb or Air Wizard Tower near the air defense.Air defense towers should be placed towards the center of the base. Air defense towers should never be in a position where they can easily be sniped by enemy units (ie on the perimeter of the base). Town Hall levels 4 to 6, players have only 1 air defense, so it must be protected as a priority. Air defense must be placed directly in the center of the base at Town Hall 5 and 6 (to be attacked by air units at Town Hall 4 is rare) as it is the only players to have the structure that can stop the Healer.

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Gem Strategy in Clash of Clans

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Gems are the most important resource in the Clash of Clans, if you do not know the right strategy, and real management of your resources you can never become a solid player in this game. In this tutorial we will explain some of the best practices like clash of clans hack that will help you to manage your gems much more efficiently. Using gems to instantly complete units is terribly expensive. This is useful if you have two hours to play and need immediate resources. Instead of buying directly resources, you can complete an instant upgrade.

If you want a passive way of effectively use of gems, consider increasing Dark Elixir drills. This tends to be quite expensive (20 gems to a drill level 4), but high-level drill under the effect of an impulse will produce a lot of dark Elixir. Elixir dark drill is much cheaper than trying to buy dark Elixir directly through the gems. Boost gold mines and collectors elixir is generally a waste of gems because it costs too much gems to the amount of gold and elixir you get in return. You will end up with a much higher return by using those gems to produce units and then raiding for loot instead of boosting elixir, gold mines and collectors.Consider this: it will costs 12 gems to boost a gold mine to level 13 per 24 hours. This will result in additional gold 62,000 collected over 24 hours (some of which will inevitably be lost in an attack). Meanwhile, one drove Barracks could lead to several additional raids over a period of two hours, which could easily add 600 thousand gold. In comparison, it costs 25 gems to increase level 4 Dark Elixir drill for 24 hours. This will result in an extra dark Elixir 1640 brought together for more than 24 hours.

Use of gems to complete the building is usually wasted. The only exception is if there is less than 30 minutes left on the timer of the building, you are ready to go to sleep at night, and you have the resources to start another upgrade. It’s worth spending a handful of gems to make sure the builder is not idle for the next 8 hours while you are asleep or you are out of the game. The worst use of gems is buying resources of any kind. In order to reduce the power of money in real life in the clash of clans, buying resources cost an exorbitant amount of gems – expect to spend hundreds of gems for a small amount of resources that could be achieved in just 1-2 raids.

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Tips for finding more followers on Instagram

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Instagram is home of more than 400 million active users, despite the fact that it is far behind Facebook, which has more than 1 billion users. To find new followers on Instagram is not an impossible task. Regardless of the years, you’ve been on Instagram; there is no doubt that your goal is to get more followers. If this is true, read on to learn instagram followers hack how to draw more fans to your Instagram account.

Make a plan to publish as soon as possible in Instagram! Learn to publish interesting content to attract more likes and comments. Create an program and stick to it. The schedule can be daily or weekly. Do it as often as possible to convince the other Instagram users that you are active and interesting person to follow. With such an agenda, your followers will know when to expect the next batch of content.
On the other hand, you should strive to be as different as possible. Try to post regularly, even when you do not feel like doing it. It is very important to be persistent in your postings, so that your followers My find their expetations reached.


To climb on the top of Instagram , you may must use tagging or placing hashtags. This should not deter you from learning to label all your images. Labeling increases the likelihood of getting more followers. Lack of labeling expose your uploaded photos in Instagram only to people who are already friends in your social media platforms. Tagging images available all users of Instagram to find your images, thus drawing more followers!

Social networks and Trends

Use other social media platforms to find more followers on Instagram. To do this, this it is necessary to link Instagram with all your other social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. After doing this, each time an image is posted on Instagram, it will be visible in the other social media accounts. The Instagram tags also appear in other social networking accounts, thereby attracting more followers to you.
Finally, learn to take note of the hashtag trends. Upload an image that is based on the trends like POTD. PODT simply means Picture of the day! Post one image based on trends and view asyour list of users Instagram is increasing beyond your wildest imagination. Try to be regular and persistent in such practice and you will attain a lot of followers on Instagram!

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Risen 3: Titan Lords – Enhanced Edition

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Risen 3: Titan Lords – Enhanced Edition is a third-person adventure, which, through free psn codes,  exploration and combat, tells the story of a pirate who, after the death at the hands of a demon, have to fight to regain his humanity and back from the dead. It is, in essence, a set of open world Western roleplay game , in which we will have to gain experience, improve your character, talk and interact with other characters, and so forth.

Risen 3: Titan Lords – Enhanced Edition offers an epic adventure open world The adventure begins with a very useful tutorial, in which you will learn learn both the basic pillars of the narrative and the gameplay, and from there you will leave freely in order to discover what the world of Risen 3: Titan Lords – Enhanced Edition has to offer, and that is certainly enough. For us, this is one of the main attractions of the title, because we can go to design our way slowly, and allows us to play more like we want, choosing from different missions (almost) every time.

We will not deceive you; adventure is a bit flawed, and just doing repetitive. The missions are typical of just bring me that, and with a somewhat generic story, not have much incentive to complete them, beyond what is merely playing. Visually the game is up, but the animations are quite outdated.The main feature of Risen 3: Titan Lords – Enhanced Edition is its visual leap, especially when compared with the versions of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Now, the game looks slightly better than the PC version in Ultra, with some textures improved, bloom and HDR improved and a new system of clouds to accompany the cycle of day and night. The truth is that to be a modest game looks pretty good, especially in regard to the scenes, wide and with a level of detail to note.

The combat system has also been slightly improved, but still, still leaves much to be desired. It remains crude and clumsy, and animations make it more difficult to control than it should. Since we are talking about combat animations, noting that the rest of them are still very improvable, and we seem to own a game many years ago. Piranha Bytes wasted an opportunity to solve major problems in original Risen 3. Piranha Bytes had returned to his roots to offer Risen 3: Titan Lords, the third installments of a saga that, without cutting into sales, manages to stay alive until now. Now, the PlayStation 4 have the opportunity to enjoy it, after passing through PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, with an issue which, as the title says, comes improved … although not as much as we would like.

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Zombie Vikings PS4 Review

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To combine Vikings with Zombies is very interesting idea and ou can play it with Free PSN Codes Giveaway! But, did Zoink, small developer studio succeed in their endeavor to combine those two worlds? Let’s find out!

It is fair to say that Vikings Zombie entertains within limitations, no spark in their dialogue and is well accompanied by music and voices. Without going into comparisons with the sacred cows of the genre, against whom would lose their lack of ideas-most of the time confined to throw waves of enemies is more than enough. In addition also it has a competitive mode with a handful of maps to meet other users, although our experience suffers the same type of failure in terms of community.
The game supports network gaming and is designed more to strengthen this section, we do not doubt that most opt are made for this mode, but that it is possible to note the medium and long run as the user community is fairly small in the early days of launch, when supposed to be the strongest period, if you do not plan to use the game locally.

The gameplay offers nothing new. At launch in the PlayStation 4 version, the game debuted with tremendous difficulties to reach 30 frames per second and major cuts in the image, even playing solo and on screens without enemies. It is disturbing since we are talking about 2D shapes in 3D landscapes. We have decided to wait for the first, hoping to eliminate that feeling of unfinished game. The truth is that in terms of framerate patch has not improved anything, and we still suffered bugs of all kinds.
Despite its simple graphics, it is one of the worst performing titles that have gone through PS4.Putting graphical limitations aside, the kind-hearted comic art looks good most of the time. Not always, and not because we do not like, but because in practice the colors lacks good contrast. The four characters in action with a dozen enemies often lose sight of zombie, in short, what worked in a quiet adventure doesn’t work in this type of game.
While Zoink has tried to make a Castle Crashers under his personal prism, the result could lead to a fun multiplayer title that may have a good time, but much of us fear that the game is not even finished. In this state of release it is difficult to enjoy in this game, because of the huge amount of bugs. Luckily it is something that could be solved with time, and we are hoping that Vikings Zombie will get decent patch very soon.

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